What can I say, Le Garage Sale is a tremendous and necessary event for our business. Being open over 8 years, there is always a couple of items that just don't move. Le Garage Sale is the perfect opportunity for the customer and us to be happy. The show atendees get discounts and I don't have to keep it in the store. Twice a year we are able to overhaul our entire floor, get rid of dead stock, and replace with new merchandise. Our customers in the store are happy for the new stock and the sales floor comes alive! Not sure what we would do without Le Garage Sale.
—Coral Smith, SoLa
Thank GOD for LGS! Being a small and relatively new and unknown shop, LGS literally helped me keep my doors open! Overstock flew out the door, and introduced me to thousands of new customers. I can't thank Wendy enough for starting this amazing (and store saving!) event.—Kayci Wheatley, Moxie a Go-Go
We look forward to participating in Le Garage sale every year. It is a great opportunity for us to clear out of old merchandise as well as get exposure to new customers. The sale attracts large numbers of people that are all ready to spend money on a good deal. We would recommend it to anyone.
—Robin, y & i clothing

Le Garage has been a success for Soigne for 3 years now! It's great to go to one location and sell down on all the merchandise you couldn't sell the season before...plus it helps to quickly make me money that will help pay for the up coming season. I have always made thousands of dollars in one weekend during Le Garage and the exposure for Soigne is also great! Many of my clients say they found out about me by going to Le Garage!
—Amy Schalk, Soigne Boutique

I just opened Gallery D in March of 2009, so I participated in my first Le Garage in August. It is a great way to move leftover merchandise...fast! I will definitely be participating again next season.
—emily Keast, Gallery D